Canadian Forest Service

Canadian Forest Service Purchases a Backyard Bandsaw Mill

It is policy that before a Government entity makes a purchase or engages in a contract that they must first consult three quote comparisons.

The Canadian Forest Service chose Backyard Bandsaw Mills for Quality, Durability and Safety

Quality: Backyard Mills is an all-in-one piece welded Bandsaw Mill. All welded means no Nuts and bolts to wear and loosen. Welded together provides limited shaking and accurate adjustments when Milling.

Durability: Backyard Mills chooses extra heavy-duty materials in which to construct there Mills. BBM is a small family-operated business, we put the cost of building their products into the Mill itself, There’s no CEO, Managers, Salesmen on the commission that end up being charged to the Mill. Rest assured that when you buy our Mills you are getting the best value, you are not buying overhead and commissions.

Safety: Backyard Mills choose the operate on the opposite side of the sawdust discharge side of the mill. Why have sawdust and wood debris spit out onto the operator? Backyard Mills us a Centrifugal Clutch not a belt tensioner system, The centrifugal clutch works the same as a chainsaw or a vehicle, when the operator lets go of the throttle the blade stops rotating, some mills you must remove the belt tension to the blade from turning. BBM considers safety before cost-cutting measures.

Canadian Forest Service

The long and short of a Quality Mill is where does your purchase price costs go into? Do you want the costs to be for quality materials or do you want to pay for Corporate overhead?  

The Canadian Forest Service takes there expenses and there Employee’s Safety First. Shouldn’t everyone take these facts into there next Mill Purchase?