Proud to be a family-owned

manufacturer of Durable

Heavy Duty Bandsaw Mills

since 1995.

We are Canada’s Strongest.

At Backyard Bandsaw Mills, we build a mill not for economic shipping, but for quaility and durability. We go to the extra expense to use 3/16″ thick steel for our log decks.

Some manufacturers will say that light duty is just as good. Our team disagree, as there is nothing just as Good as the real thing.

No Assembly Required.

When you take delivery of our bandsaw mills, you can start cutting right away.

Simply level the log deck, put a log on and start making lumber! Nothing to figure out, no “put Part A together with Part B and C.”

You bought a mill to cut logs, let’s get to it!

One Piece Welded Mill.

Some companies may go to great lengths to convince you that “less is more“… and that less steel, more bolts, more bends and fewer welds make for a better machine.

Customers say that our mills are “Built like a tank!” It is simply: There is no substitute for welded steel.

Second to None.

When You have a mill Made from local, quality materials, you are definitely number one in the market.

Just as Good Isn’t Good Enough.Buying a mill in a box doesn’t cut it!

We don’t just make mills, we make satisfied customers.

Quality Mills make Quality Lumber

Six Post, Powerhead all one piece welded,
will not shake loose, providing straight cuts
without blade deflection.

Tape Measure
Accurate & Self Locking Worm Gear Winch

You just choose your cutting depth, and rest assured the saw will stay in place. Accuracy at Backyard Bandsaw Mills is our priority.

Depth Indicator Mark Always at Eye Level

Some mills the cut indicator moves up and down with the saw head. No need to second guess, indicator remains constant.

Self-Adjusting Track Cleaners

Constantly cleaning slow you down. Our track sweeps keep the track free of sawdust providing smooth travel for the Power Head

One Lever for all Log Stops, Same Height

By moving one log stop, all moving together, you are safe knowing that you won’t hit the metal log stop with while cutting.